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Travel Visa Requirements

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Please note that Visas R Us is not affiliated with any official government service, embassy or government department. If you wish to apply directly to the relevant embassy, please refer to the respective embassy’s official website which you find on the relevant country’s page and our fees will not be incurred, you will also be able to view our price chart here. The advantage of using our service is that it is a hassle free option of getting your visa application processed without having to have a personal interview. We ensure that your application meets embassy requirements prior to submission hence minimising the risk of rejection and in turn ensuring that the process of visa procurement goes through efficiently and smoothly. Please note even though we are not affiliated with the embassy or official government, we are registered with the embassies that we provide services for.

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Though the world has now become a small village yet, still, there are bifurcations by boundaries. There are some strict requirements when you want to travel out of your country. These requirements are passports and visas.

What is passport?

When you want to go abroad, the country of your origin issues you the passport. The passport certifies your citizenship of the country and allows your travel outside the country and re-entry to the country of origin. The passport shall have your name, photo, date of birth, gender and your physical features. As for USA, some countries need only passport for entry to USA and for the other countries visas are required to travel to USA. Different kind of passports are issued for the diplomats and important officials of the government.

What is a visa?

Visa is one endorsement which is given on the passport by the country to which the visitor intends to go. This endorsement would specify the entry, stay or leave in the visiting country for some specific period. There are different types of visas such as tourist visa, student visa, transit visa and work visa. The visa can be for single entry or even for multiple entries. This however depends on the country of visit. Most visas are required to be obtained prior to entering the country of visit. For some countries the visas are given on arrival. Often prior to issuing the visa the embassy of the visiting country would require face to face interview with the visitors and/or medical screening.

How to get visa?

There are various visa service providers who can help you getting visa. The rules differ from country to country. The providers of China Visa Service will ask you about your passport, purpose of visit, itinerary, hotel reservation, letter from the officials inviting from the visiting country etc.

The rules of visa are different for different countries. For example the tourists from UK do not require any Germany visa for travelling to Germany and stay upto 90 days. However if the travel to Germany needs connecting flights then the countries en route may ask for transit visa. This has to be clarified from the visa rules of the specific countries.

The Malaysian visa, visa for France and Singapore visa are similar to that of Germany.

Indian visa has got to be obtained prior to travel to India. Electronic Travel Authority or ETA will be sent through Email. On arrival in India biometric details will be taken. The ETA from Indian authority is for single entry only and is valid for a period of 30 days starting from the date of entry to the country.

Egypt visa can be obtained upon arrival to the country for 14 days, maximum, at ports Taba, Nuweiba, Dahab and Sharm El Sheikh. For travelling outside the aforesaid areas, the persons have to obtain regular visa for travelling to Egypt. Single entry visa is for 60 days maximum and multiple entry visa is for 90 days maximum.

You can obtain your visa by applying online.

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