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Entry requirements

On planning to visit overseas, first of all it is needed to check, the visa requirement for that particular country. Separate rules apply for British passport holders and persons from different origins. These regulations are set by the country that one is travelling to. One needs to make sure to meet all the requirements otherwise the immigration officer can refuse person to enter that particular country. If one is doubtful it is good to contact the embassy of particular country and prepare the documents accordingly. The travel company visasrus Indian visa UK too can guide in preparation of travel documents.

Visas for India

A British citizen requires visa to travel to India and for that whole information is available on Indian High Commission website. One needs to select the category of visa required whether it is tourist, business or for long stay. It is to be ensured to get visa according to purpose of visit, entry on wrong status of visa can lead to deportation or being blacklisted. It is to be noted that a business visa cannot be extended during the visit. The passport of any person entering India should be machine readable or they will be denied entry.

As of April 1, 2017, the duration of stay on an e-visa has been raised from 30 days to 60 days on double entry of tourist and business e-visa also for triple entry on the medical e-visa. The calculation of 60 days beginsfrom date of your first entry to India on your e-visa. When one arrives at the airport, the passport will be stamped and theImmigration Officer will write expiry date for e-visa with hand. Any person meeting all the eligibility criteria can apply for e-visa. It is essential to be aware of fake websites and use only the official website. There are limitations on few category citizens to apply for e-visa these are:

• British subject
• British protected person
• British overseas citizen
• British national (overseas)
• British overseas territories citizen

Similarly if an Indian citizen is planning to visit UK, he/she needs to get visa for UK. UK embassy is strict with issuing visas. One needs to plan ahead in time for applying as it takes around 3 to 4 weeks for the visa process. Consulting visasrus London visa from Indiais a very good option.

Passport validity

The passport is required to be machine readable, with at least 2 blank pages for visa and validity of passport not less than 180 days at the time of making visa application.


One can carry medicines into India or UK as long as y the prescription is along with. Narcotic- Drugs and Psychotropic substances are strictly prohibited.

Indian Accommodation and C-Forms

While in India one is recommended to stay at accommodations register under C- Forms under FRO- foreigner’s registration office. Indian travelers to UK need to fill the place of stay, while their visit, in the visa application form.

Overseas Citizen of India (OCI) card holders

The OCI card holders do not need visa to travel to India. The U sticker that was used earlier too has been discontinued.

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