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Meet the requirements of the Spain visa from UK!! -

Meet the requirements of the Spain visa from UK!!

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As if every individual is supposed to obtain visa for his/her country for his/her purpose of visit. The individuals are required to apply online for each type of visa required. The applicants are also required to visit their visa application centre, so as to provide their information on biometrics. The applicants are also provides with a wide variety of value added services, including priority visa services. The rest details are available at the official website of the visa application centres of UK.

The Visas R Us is one of the institution or agency offering their applicants with a wide variety of immigration services as well as visa providing consultancy as well. The applicants can now easily obtain the Spain Visa From UK. The individuals can apply with them and can work on the advice provided by them. They take the overall responsibility for assuring their clients that they will be getting a courier at their home on behalf of their visa. They also ensure that all their documentation is correct. There are different types of visas that the individuals can obtain by themselves or with a little assistance from Visas R Us.

The Spain business visa is valid for a period of maximum 3 months. The applicants are required to complete the documentation along with the application form, where insurance, accommodation, flights, etc. will be arranged by an employer, travel companies or any other company. The applicants are supposed to share one original as well as one copy of the document. The applicants, if applying for their all family members, then they are supposed to share individual documents of everyone. Below mentioned is the checklist of documents that are required by the Spanish consulate.

• Online application form: this is a form, which is supposed to be duly signed in the required fields. This is to be noted that the forms will not be accepted from any other source will not be accepted.
• Passport: the applicant is supposed to share the passport with its page carrying his/her personal details and photo. The applicants must not that the details must not be issued before 10 years, as of from the date of the scheduled trip.
• Old passport: The applicants are supposed to submit their old or expired passport.
• Employment letter: thus should be an original letter with original signature.
• Self employed: proof of paid taxes and letter from accountant.
• Pay slip: it is not mandatory to be submitted. It is optional. But, if submitting it should be optional.
• Bank statements: The applicants are required to provide their bank statements for last three months. This is required, so as to check, whether they are supposed to bear their expenses into that country or not.
• Travel tickets: reserved tickets of travel with basic details like applicants name, travel dates, etc.
• Accommodation proof, etc.

Above mentioned checklist is supposed to be followed by the applicants in case of applying for Spanish visa in London as well.

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