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The entry requirements for any country are set by the country to which one is travelling to; they have complete liberty of enforcing the rules on foreign tourist. So, whenever a person plans to visit some country for first time they are not aware of rules and regulations this is where the travel companies come to rescue, as they are well informed with visa regulations and document requirements. Though one can approach embassy of that particular country but it’s not easy to get complete clarity through consulate. The travel company, visasrus canada visa uk, not just facilitates visa process but also helps in

• ticketing
• travel arrangement within the country
• hotel arrangements

Visas Requirement

The British Citizens do not need a visa for short duration stays; they just require an electronic travel authorization, before traveling. When the intent to travel is for longer duration stay in that case it’s needed to check with Canadian consulate regarding requirements for British residents from different nationalities. Even if one is going to be staying with family and friends, the immigration officer checks the availability of enough funds to support one’s stay. Person carrying criminal record of having been arrested needs to contact Canadian High Commission before traveling there.
Always apply through the official website and not get lured by unauthorized ones that claim being associated to Canadian government. These unauthorized websites ask for additional charges for their services.

What is Electronic Travel Authorization – eTA

Visitors from UK travelling to Canada by air are expected to get for themselves an electronic travel authorization (eTA ) for entering Canadian domain. One cannot board a flight to Canada unless supported with eTA ,visasrus canada visa london lets know that this is possible only for those who are exempted like

• permanent resident card
• valid Canadian visa
• Holding British –Canadian dual citizenship, in such case one needs to carry valid Canadian passport.
• Traveling by sea does not require eTA , however all relevant documents regarding personal identification are needed to be produced.
• The passport should be valid for at least the duration of stay, in case it valid for less than 6 months it may take longer to get through immigration control.
• UK ETD emergency travel documents are acceptable for entry and exit of Canada and eTA can be applied based on these
• Traveling with children as single parent need to have consent letter from the other parent to rule out abduction possibilities.

Travelling to the United States

When in Canada one may want to visit USA too, the entry requirements are different so it makes sense to check with US authorities before finalization of the plan. Travelers admitted to US under Visa Waiver Program can travel back and forth to Canada for short durations. The port of destination always hold discretion of letting in the visitors, if at any point they are doubtful of person’s background they have complete liberty to allow a person into the country.

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