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Know the need of Spain Visa in London or UK!!! -

Know the need of Spain Visa in London or UK!!!

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There are different types of visas, in order to apply for Spain. This type of visa depends upon the nature of visit, an individual is supposed to make. Some of the individuals used to go for studying or to work and residing there permanently. In order to apply, there are certain guidelines that are to be met for a Spain visa application:

• Downloading the application form, filling it completely and with sincerity. The individuals can fill the Spanish visa application form electronically and then printing a hard copy. Learning different ways to fill in the Spanish visa application form.

• 2 photos must be attached. The photo must be attached and must be in a passport format. A recent whole-face captured with a light background.

• Passport with at least two blank pages as well as copies of the previous visas, if any

• Copy of the return ticket reservation. The individuals are also suggested not to book the tickets in advance, if not required.

• Hotel booking reservation for the whole duration of the intended stay in the country Spain.
• Proof of civil status
• Flight reservation with flight numbers and dates specifying dates of entry and exit

The individuals can also apply for Spain visa for medical purposes. In order to acquire Spain visa in UK, the individuals are required to submit a local medical report, payment receipt of medical fees and a medical attestation from a hospital or doctor in Spain. The individuals are required to confirm their date of appointment along with medical situation.

Apart from this, the individuals can apply for Spain visa in London for cultural, religious or sports purposes, visa for study, research, and training or for internship purposes, etc. The individuals are required to submit a few additional documents, in case of applying for any particular type of visa. The individuals, if applying for under age children, then their parents or guardian will accompany them, while applying at the embassy of Spain.

The Spain visa is primarily meant for the individuals, who want to stay therein for a period of more than 3 months. The individuals can apply for this type of visa only if they do not have a guarantor in that particular country. The applicant is supposed to give an evidence for showing that he/she falls under this category. It is informed that the requirements that are supposed to be fulfilled for getting a Spanish visa are the same like that of the Schengen countries. This is because; Spain is among the list of Schengen countries.

Below mentioned is the list of documentation, which is supposed to be met for Spain visa processing:

 A covering letter
 Financial proof
 Travel insurance policy
 Passport
 Passport sized photograph with light background
 Authorization letter
 Spain visa application form
 Travel itineraries

The individuals are recommended to fill the form online. Also, they are required to take a printout of the form filled, so as to get their visa processed. The individuals can get the instructions online, so as to apply online and fill that application form.

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