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Get informed, who is supposed to apply for the Chinese visa!! -

Get informed, who is supposed to apply for the Chinese visa!!

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China is one of the countries, which is known for its breath taking landscapes, modern development, incredible food, charming calligraphy, fascinating diversity, rich history, etc. below mentioned are the instructions, as a result to which the individuals are required to apply for visa by the time they are exempted from the following:

 As per the bilateral agreements, the citizens of a few countries can enter China without a visa.
 The foreign citizens, who have confirmed their onward seats and tickets on international flights, can directly transit to China. They can stay within the boundaries of the airport for not more than 24 hours and are not required to apply for transit visa.
 The holders of ordinary passports are free to come to China for studying, permanent residence or for employment.
 Also, the holders of ordinary passports can come to China for tourism, business or family visit.
 The foreign citizens holding APEC business card are also free to visit China without applying for visa.
 As per the mutual visa exemption or official agreements, the citizens of Mauritius, San Marino, Bahamas, Tonga, etc. with appropriate passports are exempted from application of visa. This visa is required for making an entry, exit or transit through China with a duration of not more than 30 days.

Apart from the above mentioned conditions, the individuals are required to apply for Chinese visa in London. In order to apply for visa, the individuals are required to fulfill the desired requirements. The applicants are required to apply for visa and submit the required documents to the professional visa services providing agencies. Some of the essential documents are listed below that are required to be submitted to the visa consultants:

1. Passport requirements: The applicants are required to have a visa with at least two blank pages. This is required for visa stamping. In case an applicant has a second visa, he/she is required to submit a copy of his/her previous passport as well.
2. China visa application form: The applicants can fill this application form online. Get it duly signed and submit it to the visa providing consultants. The applicants must make a choice for the right type of visa, so as to fulfill their purpose of visit.
3. Photograph requirements: The applicants are required to submit their passport sized photograph with a light background. Also, the individuals can submit a colored photograph that meets their criteria and has been taken within last six months.
4. Proof of state residency: the applicants can submit their license or ID proof that has been issued by the state.
5. Letter of invitation: The applicants are required to submit all the details associated with their all round trip, airline tickets, hotel reservation along with official invitation from China.
6. Proof of travel arrangements: the applicants are required to submit a computer generated flight or copy of airline or cruise tickets showing the trip to China or onward flight.

The applicants can get their queries associated to their China visa in UK resolved by their consultants. These consultants cannot help their clients in making a choice for their nature of visit or the type of visa required by them.

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