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Enjoy a visit to China with an ease!! -

Enjoy a visit to China with an ease!!

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China is also a country for which the foreign citizens tend to acquire visa. Visa is primarily a permission or endorsement by the embassy of that particular country. There are different types of Chinese visa, including business visa, crew visa, tourist visa, working visa, residence visa, student visa, journalist visa, etc. The individuals can now obtain the Chinese visa in London by acquiring immigration or visa consultancy services from Visas R us or any other visa service providing company.

The applicants are provided with assistance required for submission of documents that are to be enclosed with the signed application form. It is believed that the application form is available at the providers like Visas R Us in the pdf format. As a result to this, they are supposed to download and take a print out of the form. Also, they are supposed to fill it and submit the duly filled and signed form to the Chinese consulate. The requirements for every type of visa type are different.

• Tourist visa: in order to get a tourist visa the applicants are required to submit the list of below mentioned documents, including:

o One passport sized photograph with white or light background
o Passport with validity of at least six months
o The individuals can also go for multiple entry visa. They are supposed to give the brief reason for the same.
o Photocopy of the reserved tickets
o Photocopy for the reservation details of the hotel, including the name of the applicant, duration of the stay, etc.
o Letter of invitation from friends or relatives, etc.

• Business visa: in case of acquisition of a business visa, the applicants are required to submit their passport with validity, photographs, photocopy of tickets, details of hotel reservation along with a letter by the organization for which they are going to work. These documents must be sent to the Chinese consulate or senior of the company.

• Crew visa: the applicants belonging from the non-UK citizens must have to fill an additional form along with a visa application form. They are also supposed to give their passport, hotel details, photographs, etc. along with the documents.

• Student’s visa: The students are supposed to submit an additional document, i.e. the letter from the school or university where he/she is going to study.

It is believed that the student’s visa is valid for a duration of 3 months from its date of issue. IT is meant for single entry of an individual. The students can submit all the documents and is submitted for acquiring Chinese express service.

It is considered that China has become the favorite destination for the people across the globe. This is among the list of top travelling destinations. The applicants or the visitors can also apply for the China visa in UK by taking assistance from a professional visa service providing agency. They have expertise in handling the visa smoothly as well as efficiently. In order to acquire this, they need to give a confirmation of passport, etc. to them.

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