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How to apply for a visa to China? -

How to apply for a visa to China?

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The Visa application is a task which can only be achieved, in case of following step by step procedure. The Chinese Visa can be applied for different purposes as travel, business, study or media. The Visa application form filing to be checked before submitting is strongly advisable. Chinese Visa counsellor services will give the brief about the option of single, double or multiple entry types of Visa. One should be very clear with the purpose to move to China.

Things to be taken care before Applying Chinese Visa!!!!

It is clear that one should have at least 6months validity passport before application of Visa. There must be at least two blank pages on the passport. In case an applicant is under the age of 18, parents must complete and sign the documents accordingly. The Chinese embassy has very strict requirements for the photograph on the application form. As there is a specific size and background already decided by the Embassy. It can also happen that an applicant has someone in China, one need to provide Invitation letter from the inviter, along with the copy of his residential proof.

If the purpose of the china trip is to travel, one has to get the copy of round trip flight tickets. Tickets clearly states passenger’s name, the departure date, return date and the designated airports. Some professional also wants to visit as Media Professionals, religious workers etc, where one has to mention that they will not perform business related activities during their trip. Applicants who already visited China should specify during application, their recent last trip there.

For a business Visa, one needs an invitation from the relevant Chinese government department, company, business or non-profitable organizations. Chinese Visa London will require a permit to be in the country. In case of not having the same, one will be refused for the entry at the passport control. The rules and regulations are very strict which must have to be followed else there are more chances for the Visa rejection.

Speciality of Chinese Visa

Once the Chinese Visa are printed, cannot be renewed. Applicants should plan their journey before they apply for Chinese visa. Applicants need to check their Visa very carefully before leaving the migration desk. Chinese concerned Visa Authorities allows Visa on arrival as well for emergency purposes at certain airports if the authorities are satisfy with the reasons. In case one hold an invitation letter issues by a government approved sponsor. Applicant have confirmation from immigration authorities that the visa will be issues on arrival and government approved sponsor will meet them at airport.

We can say that the Chinese visa is easy to get in case of an applicant will provide complete documentation, purpose and duration of the visit. Things can move smoothly if an applicant can take the assistance of professional counsellors, to get the experience of successful application. Once the first time Chinese Visa get issues, next time visit will be easier if an applicant will be returning on time and without creating any mess during the visit. The process is simple in case of availability of all required documentation.

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