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Why are the applicants suggested to visit the Chinese embassy before leaving?? -

Why are the applicants suggested to visit the Chinese embassy before leaving??

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Everyone is aware of the importance of visa for a person, who is interested to visit a foreign national country. The process of visa application by oneself is a challenging task. There are a number of companies that are known for providing the best visa services to their clients across the country. These companies enable their clients to Get Chinese Visa London. Also, they enable their clients to get visa for several other countries of the world. These companies have a team of consultants, case managers, operation managers, etc. These consultants are very well versed with the guidelines of the embassy of the concerned country.

The applicants are suggested by the consultants to visit the embassy of the country concerned, in order to know about the requirements to Apply For China visa UK. There are different types of visas. The applicants are required to know about these types of visas along with their nature of visit, so as to make choice for an appropriate type of visa. The applicants are required to meet the given criteria unless meeting the exemption requirements.

1.The citizens of Japan, Singapore and a few more countries can enter China without any visa. They are intended to stay in China for not more than15 days. It is said that the applicants belonging from these countries are required to apply for visa, if:
•They are holders of ordinary passports and have come up to China for employment, study, permanent residence, etc. Also, the applicants of a news reporting mission are also required to apply for a Chinese visa.
•They are holders of Ordinary passports and have come up to China for family visit, business or tourism.
•They are holders of Japanese service and diplomatic passports.
2.Citizens from multiple countries with valid travel documents as well as air tickets for a confirmed date of flight and seat for a third country. These applicants can apply for the 72 hours transit visa exemption at ports of entry.
3.It is said that the foreigners holding a foreign permanent residence permit for foreigners in the PRC may enter without visa.
4.The foreigners having ordinary passports and diplomatic relationship with China are not required to apply for Chinese visa.
5.According to bilateral agreements, the applicants from a few countries can enter the country of concern without a visa.
6.The applicants holding an APEC business travel card can enter China without visa.

It is believed that some of the renowned visa centers accept visa applications from the citizens of UK or the applicants staying in UK with a legal status. The applicants can enjoy the best services with the help of the documents provided by an applicant. The applicants are provided with the below mentioned services by some of the popular visa service centers:

Express service: the processing time of application is generally 3 days.
Regular service: the processing time is generally of 4 days.
The applicants are required to finally go through a face to face meeting with the consular of the embassy.

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