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Is it true that Visas R Us is like a backbone for the applicants??? -

Is it true that Visas R Us is like a backbone for the applicants???

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India is a country with diverse cultures and exquisite beauty. Most of the foreign travelers come to visit India every day. They come to see its unique combination of structures and monuments as well as structures. Also, they come up to enjoy its beauty. As you all know that in order to travel from one foreign country to another country, visa is required. Visa is an endorsement or permission to the applicant by the embassies or officials of the designated country, so as to travel it. This endorsement is given on the passport of the applicant, which specifies the date of entr6y, exit, duration of the stay, purpose of the visit, etc.

There are different types of visas. The Visas R Us provides visa for India, China, Japan, Korea, Dubai, London and many other countries of the world. The applicants can file an application of visa by themselves or with the help of the visa consultants. The applicants, who tend to file their application by themselves gets their applications rejected most of the times. This is because of the inaccurate paper work or many other reasons, which are not given to the applicants. The Visas R US is one of the renowned consultants, which are available to serve their clients for 24×7 and provide credible assistance to them.

They serve as the backbone to the applications of their clients; check all the paper work done by them and then files the application. They ensure that their application will not get rejected, as the paper work done is absolutely accurate. The Visas R US provides India tourist visa, crew visa, student visa, business visa and several other types of visas to their clients. Below mentioned is the list of a few documents that are required to be submitted for application of an Indian visa.

• Passport with sufficient blank pages as well as validity for more than 6 months.
• Photo and visa application form: The applicants are supposed to fill a blank visa application form along with a passport sized photo against a light background.
• Proof of legal stay or the status of residence: This document is doe the individuals, who are applying for visa for the other country and are citizens of another country.
• Photocopy of previous passports or previous visas, if any.
Also, the applicants can now fill their application form online with the help of the e-visa facility. The services of this e-visa are completely online and do not require assistance from any intermediary or agent. They are restricted to share any personal information of any applicant. This facility is available in a number of countries or national territories. In order to apply, an applicant must fulfil the eligibility criteria mentioned below:

 Passport with six months validity
 Valid reason to travel to India

The process of e-visa is very simple and easy. The users need to apply online. Then they have to pay the fees for their visa. After this, they will receive their visa online and lastly, they can now fly to India.

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