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Prepare well in advance for your international travel -

Prepare well in advance for your international travel

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The very thought of visiting a foreign country is thrilling. People from all section of society aspire to visit abroad at least once in a lifetime. A visit to another country is made by many for different reasons, business related issues, tourism, education, and political affairs etc. are some of the prominent reasons to land in the foreign country. Among all tourism is probably one of the most prevalent reasons for international travel. A large number of people from all around the world visit foreign destinations during holidays. Every destination has something special to offer to its visitors so the movement of tourists in such places keeps on going round the year.

There are many benefits of tourism directly on cultural, social and economic condition of the country. This industry is flourishing like anything as more and more people are added to the list of tourists every year. Travel and leisure are taken as one of the best ways to relax and enjoy. It is a fact that this industry is responsible for creating lots of jobs and giving income-generating the opportunity to its people. It gives both direct and indirect job opportunity. Hotel staffs, tour guides are some example of direct jobs whereas agriculture industries, food production industries get the employment indirectly.
India is a popular tourist destination as people from all around the world keep visiting India for tourism purpose throughout the year. India has the distinction of being called a culturally rich country and it has many famous heritage sites that are of international importance. Indian Visa can be obtained by applying for the same with the submission of proper documents. Before applying for Indian Tourist Visa, make sure that your passport is valid for next six months. Getting a Visa For India requires additional documents from person originating from Pakistan, Bangladesh and some other countries listed in their information.
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