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What is Visa and why it is required? -

What is Visa and why it is required?

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A Visa is a document that is a stamp on an individual’s passport by an embassy. It addresses the kind of the visit by an individual and the tenure he can stay in that particular country. It is required as the permission from the other country to get an entry for specific period.

In case, Home country has a visa agreement with the country to which one intend to travel, then one will not need to apply for a visa beforehand . On other hand, home country doesn’t have a visa agreement with destined country, and then there is a requirement of visa before travelling.

Understanding the Norms for Indian Visa

Every country has their own rules and regulations, for getting entry and exit of individuals for their purposes. Some people are looking for business purpose, some for work, some for travel and tourism. One should make sure that right visa for the travel and it must have the purpose and duration of the stay. Any kind of misleading information may lead to get blacklisted and deported which may result of permanent non entry in India again. Indian Visa UK for business visas can’t be extended while in India.

What are the entry requirements for India!!

For British Citizen passport, one need to know the proper procedure to be followed with the fulfilment of all the documentation required. For step by step guidance one can check with embassy, high commission or consult with the existing Consultancy in the country.

Basic Requirement is to check the current validity of passport. All travelers requires passport validity for at least 90 days following your departure date from United Kingdom. Secondly, blank Visa Pages should be there in the passport, which allows necessary stamps upon arrival and departure. The recommendation is to have at least two free pages in Visas section of your passport before any international travel. Finally, confirm if visa is required for any connections. One needs to confirm from airline in case you have connecting flights as part of journey to UK. It may be the case that countries you pass through en route to your destination may require a separate transit visa.

Hassle Free Process for Visa

To get out of the stress and hassle free application of Visa, there is a need of counselling from the professionals. The nominal charges paid by the traveller make the process simpler and easier to follow and offer no frustration policy. Experts can guide with the step by step process and get the task done within a stipulated time. With the regular professional practice, consultants have the insight knowledge of the visa process and country norms. They may coordinate with the applicant through emails, phones or personalised meetings. One can also get the personalised services for document collection after discussing the purpose of the visit. The only aim of professional consultants is to provide the obstacle free process with the personalised counselling. The London visa From India process was not that easy earlier, which has been resolved by the professional services.

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