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Learn who requires Spanish visa in UK or in London!!! -

Learn who requires Spanish visa in UK or in London!!!

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Spain is among the Schengen member countries as well as an attractive country to be visited in Europe. The individuals of UK or the individuals with British passport can freely visit Spain. Also, the citizens of UK with specific nationalities are also required to travel to Spain on acquiring Schengen visa. There are a number of liberalization policies for non-European countries. Also, it has been noticed that the number of countries, whose citizens are required to have a visa for travelling to Spain or any other Schengen area. The individuals can contact the visa consulting services providing agencies like Visas R Us, so as to get more information about the Spain visa. The individuals of different categories are facilitated to apply for the Spain visa in UK, Spanish visa in London, Germany visa in UK, Sweden visa in UK, etc.

Who can apply for the Spain visa??

The citizens of the Schengen member countries, who have been residing in UK from past three months, at least are required to have Schengen visa, so as to travel to Spain. The applicants are suggested to apply at the offices of the consulate of the Spain, if:

• Spain is his main destination
• Spain is the only country for which he is planning to visit
• Spain is the first country that he is visiting.
In case he is planning to stay in Spain for a period of more than 90 days, he can apply for residency permit, but not a Spain Schengen visa. The individuals must note that, if they are not a resident in the UK, he must apply at the Spain embassy or consulate in their country of residence. There are several essential documents that are for the UK residents and some of them are listed below:
 A valid passport or a travel document. He must ensure that:
o His passport will be issued within 10 days
o The passport of the applicant must have 2 fully blank pages, one for the visa stamps and one spare page.
o This passport will be valid for minimum 3 months after their date of exit from the Schengen area.
 Biometric fingerprint data
 A digital passport sized photograph
 A valid residence permit of the UK or an identity card
 One passport format photo with light background appropriately colored and showing full face features. This photo must be glued on the application form and less than three months old. This application will get rejected, if the photo is stapled.
 Proof of travel arrangements:
o Printed tickets or email confirmation from the carrier company
o Full travel itinerary
o Travel insurance stating that they have covered in case of medical emergency all over the Schengen area, not just in Spain.
o If travelling by car:
 Car insurance
 Copy of the driver’s license.
 Car registration car rental documentation
There are several additional documents that are to be submitted by the employed, self employed, students or retired, etc. The individuals are supposed to apply for Spanish visa at the consulate offices in London or in the Edinburgh. The place of application of the visa at the consulate offices depends upon the place, where they reside.

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