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Get quicker and simpler visa for Spain and other countries!! -

Get quicker and simpler visa for Spain and other countries!!

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Spain is considered as one of the most beautiful countries of the Europe. It is believed that the individuals with British passport can only apply for the Spain visa. The individuals can apply for the Visas R US Spain Visa in UK through the assistance of the visa experts working with Visas R Us. Also, the individuals can apply with the help of numerous via providing agencies. The primary requisite for application of Visas R Us Spanish visa in London is on a condition that the individuals must belong ti any of the Schengen countries. If he/she belongs from the same, they are required to have the citizenship of Schengen countries for past three months, in order to acquire the Schengen visa.

The individuals applying for the Spanish visa are supposed to submit some additional documents as well along with the list of the documents, which are supposed to be enclosed with. Some of these documents include an employment letter, an online application form, pay slip, accommodation proof, bank statements, etc. The individuals can apply for this visa at the office of the Consulate. This application is dependent upon the place, where they live.

The individuals can apply either directly or by acquiring services from Visas R Us. The direct application can be filed by an individual himself using internet. It is informed that the individuals, who are applying for Spanish- Visa, are required to attend an appointment in person. It includes the children below 12 years of age. The individuals are requested by the consulate officer to submit the documents listed below:

• Online application form: The individuals are supposed to ensure that it is fully completed and duly signed in both the required fields. Also, it brings an appointment with them. The forms submitted by any source will not be accepted.
• Employment letter: They must ensure that the letter is an original letter. Also, they are required to ensure that it must not be older than 30 days from the date of appointment.
• Old passport: the individuals are required to provide their old or expiry passport.
• Pay slip: the individuals are required to submit an original copy.
• Self-employed: the proof of the paid taxes as well as accountant letter.
• Invitation letter: recent, official letters as well as signed letter of invitation on company headed paper from the companies sending an invitation in Spain.
• Travel document: Please provide the original as well as a copy of a page with their personal data as well as photo. The passports will not be accepted, if it has been issued for more than 10 years ago.
• Travel tickets: The reserved travel tickets mentioning the personal details like the name as well as the travel dates and from the Schengen area.
• Accommodation: the individuals must show hotel bookings for every single night that they have spent in the area.
• Photo: the individuals must provide a photo complying with all the requirements listed in the above mentioned requirements.

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